About Us

Our Studio

Yoga Green Book provides an affirming space and yoga videos to maximize your wellness so you are healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

We believe location-independent holistic resources and affirming community are necessary for healing and optimal health. We offer yoga and meditation videos that educate and empower you to be your best self.

Bias and systemic racism contribute to trauma, mental illnesses, diseases, and death disproportionately impacting Black Americans. According to the CDC, Black Americans are more likely to die early from all causes and are 20% more likely to suffer psychological distress than their white counterparts.

Yoga and meditation can improve cardio and circulatory health, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, boost the immune system, build strength, increase flexibility, and much more. Maximizing our health also allows us to realize and reclaim our power to foster change individually, communally, and globally. Join us!

Our teachers and classes pay homage to Indian and African teachings and texts. Videos are instructional and range in time, level, and focus area so you have the time to maintain a consistent, customized practice. Whether you want to trim down, tone up, gain flexibility, increase your energy, or find inner peace, we've got you covered. New videos are added frequently.

Our Story

Yoga Green Book was created in 2016 after seeing the need in the black community to have affirming, location-independent, holistic resources for healing and health.

Carla Christine, YGB Founder, suffered from debilitating anxiety during her 10-year Electrical Engineering career. She first tried yoga in 2011 after the recommendation from a friend who was worried when a doctor prescribed her an anti-depressant for anxiety without an evaluation. Since then, yoga has supported Carla's healing journey and empowers her to make yoga's transformational powers known and available to everyone regardless of their location.

The name was inspired by the Negro Motorist Green Book . The original Green Book was a printed guide of businesses that weary black travelers could trust and safely take refuge in during the era of Jim Crow laws. Yoga Green Book leads black people to this online safe space to maximize their health through yoga and meditation. Yoga's roots are linked to black and brown people so she believes it is only fitting that this site showcases us.