Cleansing to Elevate Your Kemetic Yoga Practice

The #1 Wellness Trick to Get "Unstuck" on Your Wellness Journey

Why you might be self-sabotaging your wellness progress by not doing ONE thing...If you've been wanting to advance your yoga or personal wellness practice, but seem to be "Stuck"... it's time to hit the reset button! In today’s class, you discover exactly how to execute a successful cleanse. You may have heard of those faddy juice cleanses, but you never hear about the do's and don't about how to use a cleanse reach your greatest potentials without all the drama… This is a Freedom Lifestyle centered around YOU--your wellness in every area of life, your SELF, your Freedom! Hortencia “Tenci” Campbell, the creator of the Kemetic EIO Freedom Lifestyle and Co-Founder of Ufulu Child, will break down ONE BIG secret behind real progress when it seems like you're doing everything else right... It’s time to Feel Free to BE.... and truly LIVE your Freedom Lifestyle!


Your Teacher

Hortencia Campbell (Austin, TX)
Hortencia Campbell (Austin, TX)

Tenci is a holistic healer, performing artist, and above all, a Freedom Seeker. Tenci and her husband, Sol Xprsn, have created a home for Freedom Seekers worldwide rooted in handcrafted arts and wellness experiences.

As a music performing artist... Tenci has been performing for audiences ranging from intimate gatherings to over 4,000 people for over 11 years. She and her husband co-founded an independent, hip-hop/soul music and wellness duo, named Ufulu Child (aka Freedom Child). When they aren’t creating a healing mixture of soul-stirring melodies and reflective lyricism, they are teaching hip-hop songwriting workshops or sharing other healing modalities such as Kemetic (aka Ancient African) Yoga, meditative sacred geometry artwork, and Kemetic EIO.

As a holistic healer... Tenci has hosted wellness retreats, Kemetic yoga classes, and healing-infused, musical experiences in her community. Tenci is a certified Reiki Practitioner (RP) as well as a Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher (CKYT) of the YogaSkills Method under Master Teacher Yirser Ra Hotep. She is also one of only two Kemetic Yoga providers in Austin, TX!

Over 20 years ago, Tenci began her path of holistic living and optimizing her wellbeing. After witnessing her mother use self-awareness practices and an alkaline, plant-based diet to cure herself of a rare form of cancer and diabetes, the trajectory of her life changed forever. That day planted a seed of devotion to pair her musical talents with holistic wellness in a way that inspires others to create their own well-being, define their own destiny, live for freedom, and feel free to BE... any and everything they choose. Tenci’s latest project under Ufulu Child is a healing system, called Kemetic EIO, that teaches the way to attain clarity, stability, prosperity, and lasting personal transformation.

Tenci shares her stories in hopes that they inspire you to realize and act on your own inner greatness. To learn more about Tenci & Ufulu Child, visit ufuluchild.com and get in the online Kemetic EIO Masterclass: https://bit.ly/masterclass-kemeticeio!