Easy Morning Meditation

Two-part morning meditation series to help you let go and find inner peace

Not sure where to start your meditation practice? This is a 20-minute, two-part, easy morning meditation series that anyone can enjoy. The focus is to simply "Let Go!"


  Easy Morning Meditation
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Briana Young-Roane
Briana Young-Roane

Briana is a colorful character to say the least. Wearing many hats in her daily life as mother, wife, sister, friend and of course teacher she is always busy. Inglewood CA born and now an East Coast girl she has flavor that mixes both coast to give you a worldly and fun flare. Bri is always full of smiles, and even more ready to introduce the Yoga experience to her clients. Her passion started as a modern dancer, and after an injury she was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga for recovery. After healing, she decided that Yoga was her path, and to make it a lifestyle.

She has studied at lots of Yoga studios, in many styles: Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power Yoga, and Ashtanga - Primary Series. Then in 2007 she started her teaching career, after about 6 years of a steady practice. Teaching in a few major cities as she moved across the U.S. her ultimate goal is to open a Haven for Yoga, Spiritual Reconnection, and a Restful Resort. In addition, she has owned two different studios over the past few years, one a Yoga Studio, and the other a Pole Dance studio.

Briana has collected about 350hrs of Teacher training hours and workshop experience. Briana is not into bragging or talking about papers and certifications because that doesn’t make you a good teacher, it only makes you a “Completed” teacher with a monetary value. She is a certified Group Ex Instructor, Pole Dance Instructor, and a Senior & Kids Yoga Instructor in addition to Vinyasa Flow, and Primary Series 100hr Ashtanga.

“I believe anyone can teach, if they LOVE what they know, and share it honestly.” I’m a regular girl, with a real passion to teach. I love Yoga it’s made me a better person, and if it can do that for me, it can heal the people everywhere.