Full Moon Yoga Flow

A flow to help you feel more grounded

Join Carla in a 15-minute yoga class with longer holds and deep breathing that will allow you to feel more grounded.

During a full moon, it is stated we will feel energetic and emotional, but not well grounded. In addition, we are likely to be more headstrong. It’s a great time to release what no longer serves you and bring things to full completion. This yoga sequence will help you do that.

During this sequence, let your inhales symbolize manifestation and your exhales symbolize releasing anything that no longer serves you. Slowly transition from one pose to the next as if you are moving through water. Focus attention on the sensation of your feet connecting with the earth.

To cultivate lunar energy, practice outside where you can see the moon. If that's not possible, and you are practicing inside without view of the moon, dim the lights and light candles.


Your Teacher

Carla Christine (Medellin, Colombia)
Carla Christine (Medellin, Colombia)

After 10 years working as an electrical engineer, Carla was empowered to leave her job and follow her passion to share yoga's transformational power. She created this platform, Yoga Green Book, in 2016.

Her classes create a safe space to foster an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. She designs courses based on students' requests.

Carla started practicing yoga in 2011 as a way to manage work-related anxiety and increase flexibility after desk-life and gym workouts left her feeling achy and stiff. Following her first class, she recognized yoga had the ability to aid in self-healing. After year-long training, Carla completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. She considers herself a lifelong yoga student and continues to expand her knowledge in yoga philosophy and asana through regular trainings and workshops with master teachers.

Currently, Carla is a nomad traveling the world with her husband. She strives to unite and practice with other yogis worldwide.

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