Grounding Practice for Vata Dosha (60 min)

Give yourself time to slow down and balance your "Master Dosha" with this intentional seated practice.

Comprising the great elements Ether & Air, Vata Dosha is the primary energy of movement in the systems of Ayurveda & Yoga. Since this Dosha is naturally light & airy, when Vata gets unbalanced, it's prone to creating feelings of ungroundedness, anxiety or instability. Join Jo-Jo to reestablish your foundation with this calming practice to nourish your Vata Dosha.

This is an All Levels class.


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Jo-Jo Jackson (Nashville, TN)
Jo-Jo Jackson (Nashville, TN)

The Yogi Bassist, Yoga & Ayurveda founder Jo-Jo Jackson, aka the "Yogi Bassist," is a Yoga & meditation teacher, Ayurvedic wellness counselor and healing sound practitioner based in Nashville, Tennessee. As a wellness practitioner, Jo-Jo's aim is to guide her students—and herself—onto the path of self-inquiry in order to reawaken our highest & truest Self.

Jo-Jo teaches Integral Bhakti Yoga; a spiritually energizing practice rooted in Divine loving-kindness coupled with Ayurvedic yoga therapy. Integral Bhakti Yoga is a method to create balance in the body, peace in the mind, unity with the soul and dedication to Divine greatness. Jo-Jo's vinyasa classes are dynamic, vigorous, playful and creative; her restorative classes are grounding, relaxing, centering and peaceful. Still, whether she's teaching vinyasa or restorative yoga, Jo-Jo always guides students back to steady witnessing of the body-mind-spirit connection by interweaving breath awareness with the teachings of the classical yogic texts.

By cultivating loving kindness, compassion, gratitude and patience, we all have an ability to unlock the profound experience of bhakti—Divine Love. Jo-Jo’s delighted to have the knowledge and ability to spread the simple, practical and intuitive wisdom of these ancient practices, and help cultivate conscious, compassionate living in her community. When living from the Heart, anything is possible.

"Yoga illuminates my path to open the gate of my Heart and step into the garden of my Soul."

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