Hip-Opening Yoga (15 min)

Relieve lower back, hip, and hamstring pain

In this 15-minute class with Brittany, you'll open the hips to eliminate blockages and pain in the body, mind and spirit to cultivate a sense of grounding. This video includes hip-opening yoga poses to help release tension in the sacral area. It is great for athletes, those who spend long days sitting, and anyone looking to slowly open the hips. All levels welcome.

Recommended props:

  • Yoga block or bolster (or couch pillow) to support your hips in seated poses


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Your Teacher

Brittany Bucey (Cleveland, OH)
Brittany Bucey (Cleveland, OH)

Brittany began her yoga journey as a way to escape emotional stress. Yoga has only been a part of Brittany's life for a short period of time but it has led her to a life long romance with herself. She is not only less fearful of opening herself to the world and others but she is much stronger mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It has shown Brittany that her injuries are not who she is and anything is truly possible if you believe.

After completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Brittany knew teaching was written in the stars for her. Brittany believes she will always be a student and is so grateful for every opportunity that has been attracted into her life.

Brittany's classes are all about pushing our limits. We learn to love ourselves, laugh at ourselves, and be grateful for what we are able to do. Her goal/passion is to help others thrive in life through nurturing the body mind and soul.