How to: Staff Pose (Dandasana) (5 min)

A breakdown of the foundation for seated poses

Dandasana (Staff Pose) is the preparatory asana for Paschimottonasana (Seated Forward Fold), Janu Sirsana (Head-of-knee Pose) and others. Practicing staff pose can help you elongate your hamstrings and ground down through your sits bones. It can also improve posture by opening the chest.

This is an All Levels class.

Suggested props:

  • Blanket


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Bria Hamlet (San Diego, CA)
Bria Hamlet (San Diego, CA)

After experiencing a traumatic health event, Bria began to explore yoga for stress management - the physical benefits were just an added bonus. Four years later, she would complete her yoga teacher training through Pilgrimage of the Heart, a well-regarded yoga studio in San Diego. Through Ashtanga-Vinyasa fusion, Bria's classes encourage mindfulness in movement.

Bria also is a certified health education specialist and is passionate about holistic mind-body wellness. She can be reached through her website, and on Instagram at JustBriFree for additional wellness tidbits and tricks. Bria also offers private lessons for local students!