Class Levels

Level 1:
Classes focus on the basics of alignment and linking breath with movement to help students build a strong foundation, physically and mentally, of their practice. These classes are ideal for the complete beginner or for anyone who wants to practice the fundamentals of a physical aspects of yoga.

Level 2:
Classes assume some knowledge of fundamental yoga poses. There will be less pose instruction, a more vigorous pace, and exploration of more complex postures and sequences.

Level 3:
Classes are geared towards regular practitioners. Poses may be held longer and transitions from one pose to another may be quicker. These classes are for the practitioner wanting to explore more complex postures, challenging sequences, and subtle aspects of the yoga practice. These class is suitable for students with at least one year of consistent asana practice.

All Levels:

All Level classes are suitable for all students various levels of yoga knowledge and experience. Pose variations will be offered for students to choose what works best for them that day.

Note: With all class levels, you are encouraged to become familiar with your own limitations and strengths. We empower you to make modifications that feel useful to your body. Always honor your body and do not continue any movement in which you experience pain.