Morning Yoga & Meditation Routine (10 min)

Start your day with manifestation and rejuvenation

Join Adrina in her 10-minute morning routine! Every morning (including weekends), she starts her day at 7am with this yoga and meditation routine. She begins with a few minutes of meditation for manifestation or rejuvenation before starting the day. To follow, she goes into a short but effective routine of yoga that will increase flexibility, range of motion and strength! Get your day started with Adrina. Your body will thank you.


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Adrina Nelson (Brooklyn, NY)
Adrina Nelson (Brooklyn, NY)

Adrina is a fashion designer with a career background and academic degrees in Health Education and Promotion. After working in the fashion corporate world and being an entrepreneur, the fast-paced life in New York City began affecting her mentally. Returning to her health and wellness roots, Adrina began meditating and a few months later began practicing yoga. After attending classes, she came to the realization that most of these studios were located in affluent neighborhoods and not in the black community, thus finding herself being one of the few brown girls in class. Today, she leads small and private groups in guided meditation session to men and women of color and create small active wear/lounge collections. She plans to create more access to mindfulness practice to the black community through various projects.