Reimaging Rest - Part 2 (45min)

Yoga Nidra with Restorative Yoga.

This is the second video in the 'Reimaging Rest' series. The intention behind the series is to uphold the goal of yoga, the stilling of the mind, by practicing deep rest. This 45-minute offering combines yoga nidra with restorative yoga to arrive at a place of stillness in the mind, softness in the breath, and surrender in the body. Gift yourself the boundless benefits of intentional rest!

This is a Level 1 class.


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Ashley Burns (Phoenix, AZ)
Ashley Burns (Phoenix, AZ)

For Los Angeles native Ashley Burns, yoga is curiosity, trust, and freedom- freedom as a lifestyle and not a destination! Ashley is learned in Hatha, Restorative, and Vinyasa styles of yoga and specializes in guiding deep rest with Yoga Nidra. She co-founded DiRTYOGA in 2012 with the mission of creating accessible yoga offerings centered around community, wellness, and the arts.

During this global pandemic and economic and racial turmoils, she has prioritized meeting the mental and spiritual needs of her community with free resources on the website and a 'Pay What You Can' model for her classes.