Stoking The Kundalini Practice (30 min)

A Self-Study & Self-Intimacy Practice

Stoking the Kundalini is be a practice to prime the body for opening to the subtle energies within and around the physical body. Please allow yourself additional time for opening to and grounding (yourself) before starting your practice as well as the conclusion of your practice (settling yourself once again).

This session includes the following layers:
  1. Sensing - scanning and feeling into every part of your body, including the face and head to notice what you’re feeling or detecting (exactly as it occurs). It may be helpful to start with your feet and work your way up towards the crown or top of your head.
  2. Warming up & tapping.
  3. Intentional connection with the 5 natural elements through movement and pranayama.
  4. Sitting or laying down with presence.

This is an All Levels class.


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Your Teacher

Jasiri Nkalati (Washington, D.C.)
Jasiri Nkalati (Washington, D.C.)

I am Jasiri Nkalati. I support womb holders in restoring their connection to themselves.

I am a teacher, author and speaker, here to support them in their personal inward journey. As a teacher, my objective is to guide others through the process of unfolding and existing in the truth of each moment as they are.

I design and facilitate courses and programs exploring self study and self intimacy for womb holders all around the globe. I support them in assessing, formulating and enhancing their living practice relative to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being.